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galley kitchen cabinet


The galley kitchen is named as such as it comprises two rows of cabinets facing each other, leaving a walkway in between. The stainless steel galley kitchen cabinet has the characteristic of being long and narrow. Thus, it is ideal for smaller homes and narrow spaces — exactly what the majority of us are looking for when fitting a kitchen cabinet in Singapore.
However, do not let this fool you. This does not mean that the galley kitchen cabinet can’t be utilised for wider or more open floor spaces. Touted as the most efficient kitchen layout, fitting the galley kitchen cabinet in a home comes as a practical and sensible choice.  

As the saying goes, “old is gold”. Th,e galley kitchen cabinet design is as old as it can be. Popular since 1926, this kitchen design remains highly relevant today, especially for small homeowners. When thinking of getting a kitchen cabinet in Singapore, the galley kitchen cabinet would come to mind as it maximises space the most.    

Benefits of the stainless steel galley kitchen Cabinet

As mentioned above, the main advantage of the galley kitchen cabinet design is that it is the most efficient kitchen to work in. With the cabinets facing each other in parallel, tools and appliances are easily within reach. As long as the corridor is not too far apart, you can easily move around the kitchen with fewer steps.  

Most of the time, if we were to purchase a kitchen cabinet in Singapore, the cost would be a major factor. Stainless Steel Galley kitchen cabinets are more cost-friendly than setting up an open kitchen. You only need two sets of cabinets with simple rectangular countertop slabs for the galley kitchen design.  

In actuality, a huge number of people live in flats, apartments, and condominiums that do not offer much space. An ideal setup for the kitchen cabinet in Singapore would have to take into account the space constraint. The galley kitchen cabinet would fit the bill as it is a great fit for small spaces. On top of that, as this type of kitchen tends to be smaller, it is also ideal for do-it-yourself remodelling.