HDB Kitchen Cabinet Design

According to the Singapore Housing & Development Board (HDB) statistics, over 80% of Singapore’s resident population lives in public housing under HDB. In the beginning, this type of housing was meant to handle the population boom, so the layout and Build could be pretty practical. However, Singapore has since moved past this phase, and with the introduction of the Build to order (BTO) scheme, having a personalized HDB kitchen cabinet design is no longer a far-fetched dream. 

As such, the demand for customised kitchen cabinet design in Singapore is on the rise. We often forget the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home as this is where food is prepared and catered to the members of a household. The design and setup of this particular space would affect the house itself and the people living in it. Therefore, the HDB kitchen cabinet design should be given careful consideration.    

HDB apartments and flats come in all sorts of different layouts and floor plans. However, with a reliable contractor like Pro Furnishing & Cabinets, you would get the most optimal and practical HDB kitchen cabinet design suggestion for your unit. Looking for a particular kitchen cabinet design in Singapore? Be it an L-shape, galley, island, one wall, or modern kitchen, Pro Furn Cabs has it all. 

Benefits of HDB Kitchen Cabinet Design

Why should we go for a customised HDB kitchen cabinet design in Singapore? Well, there are numerous benefits to doing so.   

Most people would spend a few hours a day in the kitchen cooking meals. Having a kitchen cabinet design that is tailored to you and your family’s needs would lead to a better user experience and increase overall satisfaction when utilizing that area. A well-thought-out HDB kitchen cabinet design would no doubt improve workflow and increase your quality of living.  
If you think that you lack space, fret not! With 20 years of experience in kitchen cabinet design in Singapore, Pro Furnishing & Cabinets will be able to identify and advise the best design for your home while maximising the use of the floorspace. With a good HDB kitchen cabinet design, even the smallest space can be purposed in a way that suits your needs. The biggest disadvantage most kitchens face is the lack of storage space. This problem can be avoided if you opt for a customised kitchen cabinet design.  

Last but not least, kitchens do not have to be boring, standard, and run-of-the-mill. Add your personal flair to it with a custom-made design. Colours, tones, materials, accents, layouts… The possibilities are endless when you go for a customised HDB kitchen cabinet design!