island kitchen cabinet design

Island Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you would like to add more versatility to your kitchen or improve the kitchen workflow, you should consider an island kitchen cabinet design. The island kitchen cabinet design is ideal for kitchens with an open layout. Why is it called an island? Well, this kitchen design features a standalone cabinet unit. You will find that more and more people like this kitchen cabinet design in Singapore nowadays. The island kitchen cabinet design is quintessential for an ideal dream kitchen. The addition of this extra cabinet unit makes the kitchen a more versatile workspace. Not sure what kind of island kitchen cabinet to get? Just consult Pro-Furnishing and Cabinets for your one-stop kitchen cabinet design in Singapore.

Benefits of Island Kitchen Cabinet Design

You may find that you keep running out of space in your kitchen. The island kitchen cabinet design resolves this problem as it can function as an additional work and storage space. With the island, you will have an extra surface area for prepping and placing your food or dishes.   

Besides providing an additional workspace and storage space, the island cabinet is highly customizable. It can even include a cooking surface or even a sink. When considering which kitchen cabinet design in Singapore to go for, you should not be quick to exclude the island kitchen cabinet design, thinking that you must have ample space to accommodate the individual cabinet unit. If your kitchen is an open-concept kitchen, chances are you may benefit from the addition of a kitchen island as it gives you more surface area to work on.   

The first island kitchen cabinet design was made for a woman in 1930 who wanted to stay in touch with her guests as she prepared her meals. The island was designed to let the user face outwards instead of facing the wall while working in the kitchen. With remote working increasingly becoming a norm, this design would come in handy as parents working in the kitchen can still keep an eye on what is happening in the surroundings of their home. Therefore, this type of kitchen would be a great choice when selecting your kitchen cabinet design in Singapore.