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“Improve living standards through long-lasting and simplistic cabinets and furnishings” is always our desire.   

  Pro Furnishing and Cabinets is a Singapore company that specializes in kitchen renovation services. We are one of the best stainless steel kitchen cabinet companies in Singapore. Our outstanding design expertise is attributed to our 20 years of experience in design, build, and kitchen renovation in Singapore. We have made refined aquarium cabinets since the founding days of The aQuatic Style Group.   

Kitchen renovation is the emphasis of the house. So, it is crucial to employ the right kitchen cabinet renovation company in Singapore to ensure quality design and renovation.    In Pro Furn Cabs, we offer Architectonic cabinets design, Interior Design, and Master Planning Service Consultancy. Being an excellent stainless steel kitchen cabinet company in Singapore, our trained team covers a large scope of projects for our wide-ranging clients. For example, homes, offices, retail spaces, commercial complexes, and residential communities.     

We pride ourselves as one of the most remarkable kitchen cabinet renovation companies in Singapore. Our team furnishes fantabulous carpentry services and exceptional kitchen accessories solutions. We also provide fine kitchen designs and kitchen renovation in Singapore that fit our customer’s specifications.    Our experts include professional consultants, landscapers, and experienced craftsmen. Through our design mastery, we ensure that everything will be out of this world and match everything that you think in mind!  

We design with your future in mind.
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Affordable Pricing , Beautiful design and Durable Material 

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benefits of Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most adaptable and most valuable materials. More people have been installing a stainless steel kitchen cabinet in recent years. But why choose stainless steel as the material of your kitchen cabinet in Singapore?    

Let’s see what the benefits of using stainless steel are:

Corrosion Resistance
·       Stainless steel stands strong against corrosion, rust, water stains, and more.

Fire and Heat Resistance
·       Stainless steel retains high strength at high temperatures.

·       Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials. It does not support the growth of bacteria and even pathogens. Better yet, the easy cleaning ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice for kitchen cabinets.

·       The sleek and easily maintained metal surface provides a modern and attractive appearance.

·       Once stainless steel has outworn its original value, it can be recycled. This is because it is made from old remelted stainless steel scrap.

·       Even lightweight stainless steel can withstand great weight. It provides high toughness at both high and low elevated temperatures.    

Are you looking for a superior stainless steel kitchen cabinet service provider in Singapore? Then you should engage the right kitchen cabinet renovation company in Singapore    

Pro Furn Cabs is the reliable stainless steel kitchen cabinet company you can trust. We provide first-class all-in-one service for all our customers. Our quality stainless steel kitchen cabinet has been regarded as one of the best kitchen cabinets in Singapore. Talk to us today to find out more!

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